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New News Post

2009-07-12 13:39:27 by Mid-Night

Just thought I'd make another news post, since it's been a little while ;)

Still have things in the works, as well as a collaborative album with my buddy Fxuem/Tn-Agorra.

A DnB/Dubstep collaborative album.. so keep a look out =P

Epic bass awaits!

Featured on the front page..

2009-06-13 08:22:06 by Mid-Night

It appears my song (iKONiC Instrumental) is in the featured audio on the front page of Newgrounds..

Go me..

Featured on the front page..

Working on stuff!

2009-04-20 22:08:57 by Mid-Night

Just working on new things, nothing too solid at the moment. But I'm getting some fairly catchy things going :D

Here's a pic of a flp, nothing too special at all, really :|

Working on stuff!


2009-04-10 13:52:17 by Mid-Night

xKore has remixed my song for the 10 second clip contest!

Check out the song here! /228501

xKore is a beast son! :)

Original can be found here: /219414

Looking for a COLLAB!

2009-04-08 23:24:22 by Mid-Night

I'm looking to collab with someone!
So if anyone would be interested.

Either send me a pm, or hit me up on msn (
MSN is preferred but whatever way you prefer!


-Justin [Mid-Night]

Top 30 !

2009-04-08 20:00:24 by Mid-Night

I got #4 on the top 30 of all time this week!

If you didn't see it, go check out the song that got it!

Mid-Night - First Second /219414

Thanks everyone!

- Justin [Mid-Night]

The Ultra Music Festival '09!

2009-02-20 16:57:14 by Mid-Night

Be There or Be SQUARE!

Currently Listening To -

2008-10-18 22:43:13 by Mid-Night
Updated MCuQ

Will update regularily!


2008-09-22 16:53:09 by Mid-Night


and The Heavens Shall Tremble...

2008-06-29 17:03:40 by Mid-Night

Diablo III is upon us.

and The Heavens Shall Tremble...